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Nowadays, socializing and meeting other singles are no longer exclusive to the clubs and bars scenes. Using free chat lines can be just as fun and fulfilling!

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Free Chatlines Can Help You Get Over Your Shyness

In a big crowd, I would be that type of person you would hardly notice since I am not that Ms. Congeniality. I am not good at starting a conversation with someone and would probably spend the whole night alone in my room to read my favorite book.

As boring as it may sound, this is the only activity I got used to. I am afraid to try new things beyond my comfort zone. But then again on the back of my mind, I envy those girls who live their lives socializing, attending concerts or movies with their special someone.

My sister is one of those lucky girls. She always brightens the room up every time she enters. She knows everyone and they all love her back. And so I decided to open up the things that has been bothering me since and ask my sister how to become the darling of the crowd and be a special someone.

I was surprised that instead of giving me the tips and how-tos of becoming the IT girl, I was surprised that she introduced me to a free chatline site she has been a member of already. She told me that by joining in this community I would also be practicing my socialization skills.

Although I was a bit hesitant of the idea, I tried the site to see what is in store for me. I followed my sister's suggestions of creating a profile, adding friends, and sending messages to people I like to get to know better. Then in my inbox, there is my first friend wanting to have a chat with me. We chatted for a few minutes but then he frankly cut off our conversation and told me that I was too boring. Honestly, I thought that was too rude but then again it was awfully true.

I was about to give up and think that there is no use of using the chatline for me since online I am the same boring girl everyone wants to avoid. But my sister told me to never give it up in my first attempt. So that first ever experience chat with the guy, I treated his comment as my step in improving myself and become less shy the next time someone invites me.

After a few attempts, online chatting has been one of my newest hobbies. I got lots of regular friends and there are also new ones who love to add me up and get to know me. For the first time I felt I was welcomed by everyone. My sister and relatives also noticed a big change in me. There was a glow in me and told me that I am not that silent shy type girl anymore. It was really a big change for me and I love it. Just recently, I got one chatmate who is becoming a special someone. I hope we can soon meet up and take our friendship into the next level.

As one of the regulars in the online chat site, I am happy to share my experiences to other people there who would like to overcome their shyness. Chat sites are one way to develop your conversation and social skills. It is never too late to change. I am sure that there are people out there who would want to know you more and see who you really are without that low self-confidence and shyness.

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